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  • Why should I choose a professional photographer

    instead of my Uncle Joe who has a great camera?

    Having photographed well in excess of 500 weddings, we have an eye for which angles will work for certain situations and we anticipate the moments. This is not to say that we shoot every wedding the same way. On the contrary, each wedding for us is a unique experience with unique personalities, qualities and details. Our job in capturing the moments of your wedding day is two fold. We will guide you through the posed photos that we know you and your family will want and listen to requests for certain combinations of family and guests. We will also be in the background looking for those magical moments which reflect the chemistry of the relationships that are unique to every family. And we will make every effort to make the entire day stress free. You don’t want to trust this job to just anyone.


    There’s a blog article about guests taking photos at weddings that is interesting to read. You can find a link to it here.

  • Can Uncle Joe still bring his camera?

    Absolutely, but please ask him to not take photos while we are working. When you have a group of people posing for a photograph, and someone is standing on the side taking photos, half of the group will be looking at the photographer and half looking at Uncle Joe. We respectfully request that no photos be taken during the ceremony or the formal portraits.

  • How early do we need to be ready for photos?

    Depending on the size of your wedding (number in bridal party) we typically want to start shooting at least 1.5 hours before the ceremony. We will start with the bridal portraits, then add in bridesmaids, then the bride’s family. Next we’ll shoot the groom, then groomsmen and the groom’s family.


    There’s a tradition that the bride and groom should not see each other prior to the ceremony. This tradition comes from a time when marriages were arranged and the bride and groom had never met prior to the wedding day. That being said, we would encourage you to break with that tradition for the following reasons;


    a. Reserving a time for the bride and groom to meet prior to the ceremony gives us the opportunity to capture the expressions and emotion of that moment when you first see each other in a private, intimate setting, as opposed to the pressure of the crowd and the spotlight.


    b. It allows us to take all the formal shots of the bride, groom and bridal party prior to the ceremony which lets you to get to your reception earlier and not keep your guests waiting. Once the ceremony is finished and we take all the family shots, you can go right into the reception, go into your first dance, and let the festivities begin rather than spend another hour on photos.

  • When and how will I be able to see my photos?

    The editing process can take us up to 4 weeks. If we are able to get images processed early we will certainly do so. We will typically go through your event and choose some of what we consider to be the best images and post them on our photo blog. Once the edits are all done your images will be posted on for you to proof. You (the bride and groom)will have access to all the images prior to their release to guests. Once you’ve looked through the images and marked any you wouldn’t want seen as “private” you will release the images for all your family and friends


    We also post an email sign-up sheet at the reception and let your guests know if they sign up they will be notified by email when the photos are available to view on-line.

  • How do we order the prints we want?

    All of our packages come with a credit that may be used to order the prints of your choice. This way you’re not limited by needing to order a certain number of any one size print. Each photo is processed as a custom lab print with proper color correction and density.

Photographic Art from RIK Photography

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Our photographic style is a mix of creative portraiture and as-it-happens photojournalism. We love creating vivid images rich with individuality, beauty, and personality. The goal is to capture real emotions, and compliment them with jaw-droppingly-creative portraits!


These photos will forever remind you of the happiness of your wedding day!


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