•  Wedding Photography is a large part of the services you receive when having your wedding at Bluff Mountain Inn.  Our professional, award winning photographers work with every bride and groom to achieve beautiful and romantic representation of their wedding day.

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  •  A typical day would include photos of the bride getting ready.  That might include shots of hair and makeup artistry, shots of bridesmaids helping the bride get ready for the big day, photos of putting on the wedding dress, the Mom adjusting her veil and more.  Along with the images that are expected from a wedding day our photographers specialize in capturing special moments and special relationships by utilizing photojournalistic techniques and just being observant.

     Once the bride is ready we would proceed to take the Bride and Bridesmaids to special, pre-determined locations around the estate utilizing unique backgrounds the Bluff Mountain has to offer such as the barn, the chapel, gardens or wooded areas.  There are specially designed photographic sets scattered around the property which make for wonderfully interesting backgrounds in your photos.

     Next the Groom and Groomsmen arrive and get their own private photo sessions; then the same with family members and special friends.  

     Our goal is to document the events of the day in a way that tells a story and reflects the individual personalities of the participants with the intent of being able to create an album of images that can be kept and cherished for years to come by the newlyweds and their children and the children’s children!  A family heirloom passed through the generations.

     Some couples might prefer to display their art on their walls by having a custom canvas print made.  Artistic creations are another specialty of our experienced photographic team.

     We encourage all our clients to feel free to bring along special props and be yourselves during the photo sessions.  If there's a particular pose that you've seen or imagined please let the photographers know and they will work with you to create that image.

    Some couples might go so far as leasing a vintage automobile to have stylish shots in the back seat of a classic car or grabbing a kiss over the shining hood.  The options and ideas are limitless and we will strive to get the greatest high quality images that Bluff Mountain Inn and RIK Photography have become known for.