• Helping you step by step

    You are engaged! What's next:

    • Schedule a tour: We would be happy to show you what Bluff Mountain Inn has to offer.
    • An Engagement Photo Session: Our photographers will work with you to create romantic, fun and classic images.
    • Reserve the Venue: We will then begin the process of planning your celebration and looking at options for your unique look
    • Preparations and coordination of the day: Our professional coordinator makes sure your complete day runs smoothly and flawlessly
  • what's it like?

    a bride making preparations for her best wedding day

    Would you like to know how a typical day for a bride on her wedding day might look?

     You would arrive at your Bridal suite, take a moment to relax and get comfortable. You’ll arrange your things out for your big day. You’ll probably even gaze at your beautiful dress for a few moments. Your wedding day has arrived!

    Your faithful bridesmaids might help with organizing some last minute details in lieu of starting the day. Your day.

     So let’s begin with Hair and makeup:

     Your Hair and Makeup should be absolutely flawless on your special day. Making it to an appointment can be a bit stressful depending on locations. Why not have your natural beauty enhanced here on site. If you'd like our stylist to do your hair and makeup we can schedule an appointment for you to have that done here…

     This offer isn’t solely for you. It extends to as many in your wedding party as you’d like. You may have as many appointments for mother, bridesmaids, Maid Of Honor etc. Keep in mind that each person will be a separate appointment. 

     Having your hair and makeup done here makes it really convenient. You can go directly from your appointment to your dressing room to prepare for your wedding photos. Think of how easy it will be to not need to leave and worry about traffic or the weather. 

     Our professional photographers are busy working in the background. The photographers will be taking photos of all sorts of details. Shots of the wedding dress, the bridal bouquet, your “something borrowed and something blue” and extraordinary moments between family and friends while everyone is enjoying the day. They’ll be catching all the perfect moments that will eventually turn into precious memories.

     Once all the primping is done, and everyone is gussied up, it’s time for the bridal portrait session.  Our brilliant photographers will take the bride to a variety of gorgeous locations. Each spot has been prepared especially with photography in mind. Think ornamented swings, shaded coves, rustic backdrops, gardens…etc.

     Bridesmaids will happily join the bride for a fun creative photo session.

     The tradition of the groom and bride not seeing each other is still honored by some, but…A First Look is a special moment that we also encourage. 

     A First look is when a bride and groom see each other before the ceremony for a private moment. It’s just the two of them while a few photos are taken in the background to document this special time.

     It takes away the stress of expectation when walking down the aisle. It gives the bride and groom an intimate moment when they can just be together and cherish all the time they’ve spent planning for their special day. This is especially important since they will only have a few moments before they exchange vows and become husband and wife.

     Now the Groom and his guys are off to take their photos. Soon enough the guests will have arrived. Imagine the wedding party lining up in preparation to walk down the aisle. At this point you are excited and anxious to marry the man you’ve fallen in love with. Viola. The moment you all have stressed over and planned is as picture-perfect as you envisioned.

     It doesn’t matter how extravagant or intimate the ceremony is, the exchanging of the vows will be the most important and memorable portion. You can’t forget the family portraits before heading on to the reception. The slicing of your unforgettable delicious cake to end the evening with dining and dancing under the stars. How wonderful does that sound? Exactly!


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