• Molly & Eric's Perfect Fall Wedding

    27 Nov 2018 | blog | Rick

  •      The Story of Molly & Eric

         “Eric and I were introduced through mutual friends 8 years ago. During college, I worked at a food service store, called GFS, and Eric worked at General Motors as an electrician. I worked with a lady named Stacey who dated Todd, who happened to work with Eric. Stacey approached me one day stating that they would love to set me up with Eric. I was reluctant at first because she informed me that he was 8 years older than me. But she stated he was super sweet, smart, and an amazing “catch”. So I decided it was ok to give him my contact information. We emailed and chatted a few times and decided to go on our first date. We learned we graduated from the same high school, but of course, didn’t know each other due to the age gap. We also found out we only lived 1 mile away from each other! After that first date we were immediately inseparable and in less than one year we actually moved in with one another!   So for the past 8 years, we have been each other’s best friend and just living life. We have two fur-babies, a black German shepherd named Diesel and a black german shorthaired pointer named Dozer. 
         One year ago, before we got Dozer, I came home one night after working overtime at the hospital. When I walked in the house, I immediately went to the fridge to start on dinner. Eric and Diesel were in the kitchen, but this time Eric was just standing around, which I thought was weird. Well, it took me about 15-20 mins before I realized Diesel had this bright pink heart-shaped dog tag added to his collar! When I read it, it said, “will you marry me?”. I just giggled and said yes of course! We knew we wanted a smaller, more intimate, destination wedding. And even though we love to take cruises and travel, we didn’t love the beach enough to get married on one. And we knew our family and friends couldn’t afford to travel to a resort in the Caribbean. Eric and I traveled with our first German shepherd, Heidi, to Pigeon Forge about 3 years ago. We immediately fell in love with the mountains!!! We didn’t want to leave the cabin and we wished we could pack up everything and immediately move down!!! So one night when we were discussing where to get married, it was a no-brainer when I said “what about Tennessee!?”. I also knew that I just HAD to have a fall outdoor wedding! I googled venues that night and Bluff Mountain Inn was the second website I looked at. When I looked at the photos and read that food, music, flowers, etc were all included, I knew this was our place!! We talked with my parents and emailed Rick that weekend and booked our big day! 
         Diesel was actually supposed to be in the wedding, Grace (the little girl in the grey dress) was supposed to walk him down the aisle. But this past spring, we got a puppy and named him Dozer. Dozer is a ball of endless energy. On our wedding day, he turned 9 months and was just shy of 80 lbs. So we knew that Grace wouldn’t be able to handle 2 dogs coming down the aisle. So we sadly left them behind in the cabin. But we love traveling, especially if we can bring our dogs. We stayed in the cabin a week after the wedding. We explored the area and then one day we drove over to Cherokee NC so we could take our dogs on a hike.  
         Now that the day has come and gone, I wouldn’t have changed anything. The Bluff Mountain crew was nothing but exceptional. It is a nervous feeling trying to plan a wedding, especially when you live in a different state! But  Rhonda made my Pinterest dreams come true! Alicia did an amazing job at our hair and makeup, and Mary, my photographer, eased my stress tremendously with her sweet personality. Rick and the other staff did exceptionally as well. We had a beautiful fall day that was sunny and in the 60s! We had family from all across the country there and they had nothing but great compliments on the venue. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work!!
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