• A Perfect Gatlinburg Wedding Day.

    30 Oct 2015 | blog | Rick
  • How to have the Perfect Gatlinburg Wedding Day

    The first step to having a perfect Gatlinburg Wedding Day is to find the love of your life and want to get married!

    Engaged couples from all over the world for some reason wind up traveling to the Smoky Mountains for a Gatlinburg Wedding. Maybe it’s the mountains. You have to admit that the magnificent mountains make for a romantic atmosphere. No matter what the season, there’s always a scenic spot to be found for perfect photos of a bride and groom.

    Chris & Emily just happened to fit the above description, but rather than try to tell the story we thought it best to come from the source. So in Emily’s words…


  • Our Story


    “Our love story is a unique one…Chris and I were good friends in High School in Florida, where we both lived for many years. As a typical teenage girl, I always had some kind of high school drama and Chris was always the shoulder for me to cry on, was there to give advice and just overall a loyal friend to me. He drove me all over the place, gave me his letterman jacket when it was cold and free food when I came to the restaurant he worked at back then. Can you say “Friend Zone”?

    We finished High school and both went our own separate ways with college, careers and families and pretty much lost touch with each other. Fast forward 20 years and I received a message from Chris on LinkedIn (of all places) out of the blue. It was a very business-like email congratulating me about a new job I recently started. Apparently we had a contact in common and my update job popped up on his screen with my picture. He didn’t know it at the time but I just moved to Tennessee from Florida. I called him and filled him in and he yelled, “Are you kidding me?! I live in Brentwood, Tennessee!” He was living about 10 minutes away from my new office.  At the time I received this message I was going through a very hard time in my life and so was he. We were both involved in very painful divorces after many years of marriage and were in a sad place in our lives. Both of us had given up on happiness. Regardless, I was new to Tennessee and was excited to have my friend back.

    When I first saw him after all those years, he still had the same smile that could light up a room and made me laugh for the first time in a long time. We picked up our friendship like we didn’t have a 20 year lapse and found we still had a lot in common even after all that time. Chris is very business minded and I really enjoyed being able to have intelligent conversations with him. He is also very witty and made me laugh by making fun of himself – something I do too. His best quality though, is his heart! I truly believe that God put us together after all of these years because we deserve to be happy and we are meant to be together.

    Chris proposed to me about a year after we reconnected, in downtown Nashville. This was where we had our first date. He was acting awkward and nervous all night and I kept asking him what was wrong with him. I got tired of standing up so I sat on the curb because my shoes were killing my feet. He kept trying to get me to stand up and finally he pulls me up by my arms, whiles he’s semi-nervous laughing and then he drops down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. (I won’t embarrass him by telling all the details of the sweet things he said). I said yes, of course!”

    So there you have it. Step #1 is the easy part!

    The step in creating the perfect Gatlinburg Wedding Day is finding a unique wedding venue that makes you feel comfortable, promises to make the wedding day stress free, and does the biggest part of taking care of details so you don’t have to.

    “We booked our wedding 2 months later at Bluff Mountain Inn. We wanted an intimate ceremony where we could relax and let someone else plan all the details while we focused on enjoying our special day together. Rick, Talia, Mary and the rest of the team handled everything. I can honestly say both of us were surprised by how easy everything was. We had a couple of special requests for them to handle and they took care of them easily. The property is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see our pictures.  Thank you to Bluff Mountain Inn for a perfect wedding elopement! It was a memorable day that we will treasure forever. I would highly recommend this venue.”

    We don’t hear love stories like this every day, but we do have lots of couples who find us for similar reasons.

    1. They’re in love and they want to get married.
    2. They love the outdoors, the mountains and the beauty that surrounds them.
    3. The are busy professionals and need an all-inclusive venue to handle everything from planning & organizing to the decorating and hugs at the end of the night for the Perfect Gatlinburg Wedding Day!

    Congratulations to Chris & Emily on the beginning of their new life together. We are so thrilled you found us and trusted us with this most important event!

    Cheers to the happy couple!

    You can see more images of this couple on theire wedding day on our Facebook page.